How To Love Gays And Chick-fil-A At The Same Damn Time

Posted: 14th October 2012 by admin in Videos

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  1. Dave Phoenix says:

    Subject: Catchy Name

    I’ve seen T-shirts labeled ‘Fuck-fil-A,’ but I came up with what a believe could be an even more descriptive name, which is: ‘Shit-fil-A.’

    If you like it, use this FREE idea from me.

    Power to the people!

    Dave Phoenix

  2. John says:

    Subject: Why is this important?

    What I’m confused about is why this is such a big deal. Why must the ideals of accepting gay marriage be forced down everyone’s throat? They don’t support it because they are going by what their religion goes by. I do support gay marriage and homosexuality in general, but if we boycott the beliefs of another, and shove our own in their faces, we are no better than those who are totally against homosexuality and think they should be seen as unnatural in society.

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